Masks are for Bandits, not Healthy Americans!

Attacked! For not wearing a mask.

Our stance for not wearing masks is pretty clear, Don’t Do it! They are unhealthy for you (lowers O2, reintroduces CO2, and breed all sorts of nasty bugs), it continues the fear mongering of the left agenda, and is illegal for any government to mandate!

However, since we do not wear masks, we have had some interesting reactions from people. The first thing we notice, is people are truly afraid. The kool-aid that they are forced to drink from the mainstream media is keeping everyone afraid. So we acknowledge this, and truly pray for them to be free of fear. This fear drives them to keep a wide birth, like excessively wide even to the point of avoiding the same isles.

The other reaction we have encountered is anger! We have been accosted twice in big box stores because we are not wearing masks! To be honest, my wife was attacked, as I was 10 feet further down the isle, but still attacked. It seems these people are going after soft targets, aka – Women. Several friends share the same experiences, that they have been attacked as well.

So, during our last group meeting we discussed how should we respond in a firm but loving way? This is what we came up with:

1 – Pray for them! During Sunday’s service, it hit me that because these people are paralyzed by fear, simply praying for them, in the name of Jesus Christ, should be my first response. It was put on my heart to pray: In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray the scales are removed from your eyes, so you can see the harm you are inflicting on yourself and those you love, as wearing masks do nothing to protect you, them or me, and likely will cause you other health issues. AMEN!

Another Prayer suggestion: Are you afraid? I am sorry, let me pray for you, for wisdom and bravery!

2- Not everyone is comfortable with Praying in public for people, and so other options were put forth: Thank you for your concern for me, but can I share why you are in more danger for wearing a mask? Then explain: Masks do not prevent the .1 micron sized virus from being airborne, with your hot moist breath, you are actually growing more bacteria and spreading more harmful bugs. You are breathing lower concentration of O2, below OSHA regulations in fact, and inhaling waste products that our lungs are trying to get rid of because it is trapped behind the mask. Also, Masks are causing a huge increase in pneumonia and other respiratory infections in people!

3- and another: I have Jesus living on the inside of me and I am at total peace without a mask! How can I help you have that same peace? Jesus is the way, the truth, and life without fear!

The idea here is to have a plan to respond to these individuals, in a kind and loving way. If the are belligerent, after you respond, just walk away! With a kind and measured response, you may actually help another human being break these bonds that have been placed on them.

If you have other suggestions or experiences – please share them in the comments section below!

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