Biden – Not my CZAR

Election 2020 has turned out to be the biggest Farce in my lifetime!

If you are unsure of what I am talking about, let’s look at the Democrat’s efforts to Steele this election…

An army of Zombie Democrats have voted.

Multiple stories have been published about voters that have been dead for years casting votes for Biden. One report I have read is over 350,000 across the nation! You keep hearing 10,000 here, 3000 there. Then there are the patriots that are researching online on government voter websites, and they show them as deceased! No matter what the actual count of dead zombie voters turns out to be, it is too many.

Apparently, apples aren’t the only thing you harvest in the fall!

Project Veritas release this disturbing video of ballet harvesting from the elderly, poor, and other unsuspecting victims!

Nothing new under the sun!

With an estimated 28 million ballots over the last 4 elections have gone missing. This was reported by the federal Election Assistance Commission.! What makes this even worse, is the commission feels these numbers are low, as not all cities responded to their request. President Trump even asked where are the military ballots? Many reports of Postal workers destroying or discarding ballots in known republican areas!

To late for Halloween – Ghost voting runs rampant

Over 3.5 Million voters cast their votes that weren’t registered or eligible. As reported by the National Review here: This is just a mucky mess of political foul play.

I support our duly elected President, President Trump. Until all of this mayhem is cleared up by the courts, he will continue to fight for us. And we owe it to him, to fight for him. With the communist/socialist agenda of Biden and the Democrats, it doesn’t surprise me that they are trying to steal this election. First they will go after the 2nd amendment, and then the rest of our rights.

Support our president! Call you congress members, share this post, join a ralley in support of President Trump. Do something today! Our country depend on these acts of the true patriots!

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