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Update 11/10

Globalists want to spin up the Democrats, making them think Biden won, then direct the anger and emotional confusion into a revolution!?!?! Please leave your thoughts!

Update 8/24

The movie about the dress rehearsal for the Plandemic.  Conducted in
October 2019 in New York and around the world.

This is frightening.  We’ve been had.  This is the big push from the
Deep State to enslave the world.

Update 8/4

The unbelievable hoax of the Lancet study hydroxychloroquin.

And then Truth Keeps Bubbling Out.
Update 8/3

The unbelievable hoax of the Lancet study hydroxychloroquin.
Update 7/30

Beat them at their own games.


Update 7/29

This is all a political move – made very clear and willful by big tech and politicians alike! This video (1st link) was removed within hours of Fox news posting it! Google removed it! But watch what the video was on fox (2nd video)!

This is the video that everybody’s talking about. Nuggets of Truth!

Update 7/28

Together We Stand


This cannot be allowed. These are not rights granted by government but ordained by God Himself!

It only took a day……..

The blatant misinformation of the Main Stream and Social Media. Crushing all efforts at presenting medical facts counter to that of the government and elites.

I smell a class action lawsuit a la Covington High School.  The liars MUST pay.

The truth about masks, hydoxycloroquine, and lockdowns from an army of “experts” from across the country.

See it before it is taken down… Facebook, Twitter et al are already censoring.

I have no words…..

Update 7/27

REAL 1st line doctors convene a symposium on Coronavirus.

I can’t wait for honest coverage of interviews and papers.

Read it all.  Excellent summation of the propaganda AND the solution.

Be the solution.

Update 7/24

Mind Blowingly factual argument.
Update 7/21

Forced Masking Paving the Way

Masks and our submission to the totalitarian mob.

Update 7/20

Who are they… who claim to rule us.

Contact tracing and positives without verifiable evidence
Update 7/19

More lyin Fauchi.
Update 7/17

The last bulwark of freedom in America

This hurts my heart. No consideration of science. Just pure raw power.
And liberty be damned.

Will we be bowed?

Update 7/16

The CDC and State Health organizations are ADMITTING to inflating the
Covid-19 cases!

Remdesivir vs Hydroxychloroquine comparison.  Real doctors. Real data.

You decide.
Update 7/14

Another Bald Faced Lie from AZ Mayor

Brazilian hydroxychloroquine treatment is a winner. Big Pharma is a loser.

Another Covid-19 cure.

Scary article – Pay special attention to the middle of the
article regarding church burning (with people in them)!

Masks don’t work! The Science behind our stance!
Update 7/10

A Quick Giggle……

“If IQ tests were given as frequently as covid tests, there’d be a spike in morons too.”

Covid Death actually Cancer.

Zero Hedge Goes full Covid propaganda, see the wild comments:

on CDC masks:

illegal mask requirement:

tricking Americans into slavery:

masks and dangers levels of carbon dioxide:

This one will definitely blow your mind and make you think.

The man just can’t help himself. Lyin Fauchi.

…. That leads to genocide.

Something to feel proud about.


A bit of a shock. NOT No Police, no justice.

This guy is quoting WHO which has been lying for 7 months, driving
Government efforts at contact tracing, and just being the good little
despot that he’s always been.

Abit rough, but absolutely a Nugget of Truth.

See Q Drop 4541 and 4542 from June 29 2020.

Excellent read.

Actual Stats and Hospital Admissions from Texas

The man displays a rare combination of common sense and guts.

AZ Governor Ducey shut down a bunch of AZ again because of a spike in
new Covid-19 cases. NOT a rise in hospitalizations or ICU numbers.

These guys will stop at nothing.