Open Letter To President Trump

During the Obama administration, I was afraid for our country. I was afraid the corrupt politicians were steering this country straight into being a 2nd rate communist country. Healthcare for all is just another name for State-run health care. Our President at the time apologizing to the world for being the Superpower that has bailed out, protected, fought for the rights of all humanity made me sick to my stomach!

Now I am afraid of the radical left out of power! Their blatant disregard for property, country, and people keeps me up at night. They use our freedoms (speech, right to bear arms, and assemble) against one of the only countries that protect these rights to destroy them!

Black Lives Matter is in essence a racist movement. This movement is headed by 3 self proclaimed Marxists. It is apparent there desire is for the demise of the United States of America. To destroy everything we have built for the better part of 300+ years! Antifa is another arm of the extreme left motivated to destroy our country

believe it is time for us to call these and other groups out there organizing to disrupt the election, destroy property, disrupt traffic, destroy human lives, and otherwise create mayhem what they truly are…

Terrorist? Rebels? or Insurrectionist?

I believe all 3 of these names fit the groups insiting the riots. And as such they should be rounded up and proscuted accordingly. This proscecution should go as high as the governement officials that allowed these riots to take place on an on going basis, and they should be held responsible as well!

This election is a fight for the very nation I swore to protect when I served in the military, from all enemies foreign or Domestic! These domestic enemies need to be dealt with with the severity that their actions demand.

Sincerely –

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